PRA strive to achieve broadened opportunities for a secure and sustainable livelihood for disadvantaged community with particular emphases on vulnerable communities in Somalia.


PRA is committed in competing to bring about lasting positive solution to address the poverty and sufferings of the poor marginalized women and children in order to improve their living standard and build their capacity to sustain their lives.


PRA vision is enhancing gender equity and equality by addressing the root causes of harmful practices and social norms, discriminatory against women and children promoting the empowerment of women and children in all developmental facets.


Poverty reduction Association (PRA)

is a local NGO; it is a non- politic, non- governmental, non-religious and non-profit making organization operating in Somalia the NGO is community-based organization working for humanitarian Relief in close collaboration with UN Agencies and intentional Organization, in order to support and cover the needs of the community population effected by the conflict natural disasters and diseases outbreak.


  • 1. ) To build up the social and economic conditions and promote the development of man and the well-being of the community.
  • 2.) To discharge its social responsibility towards society in social development for the total well-being of the community.
  • 3.) To help the provision of the approach for the social development in our depressed communities.
  • 4.) To manage and resolve inter-communal, resource-based conflicts and establish dispute settlement mechanism
  • 5.) To work with the community-based organizations, government organizations/entities, business organization and local and international donors in the promotion of community development.

Our Core Values:

  • PRA believes that the Live of all human being is equal value and poverty is in justice and makes women and children vulnerable to natural calamities and conflicts.
  • Poor people poverty and sufferings are increased by un-equal relation based on gender, race, class and disability that women and children who made the majority of the world poor are far most marginalized.
  • PRA To work together we can build a Justice and safer the world in which people take control over their lives and enjoy equal rights.
  • PRA is also non-religious, non-political, non-profit and non-discriminating organization. However, local religious, cultural and historical traditions are integrated into our everyday work with the women and children. We do not exclude influences from other cultures, if there is a gain for the project.

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  • Healthy Food

    Millions of people have not enough food, so we're working to feed the hungry.

  • Clean Water

    Our goal is to supply clean water to people who can not access to safe water.


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